Easter 2019

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It seems the BIG talking point this Easter is the Marmite Easter Egg Box. Love It Or Hate It, Marmite continues to divide the nation (and the world) with its unique taste. Which side are you on – love or hate? Marmite aren’t the only ones launching new product this…

Easter Promotional Confectionery

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Easter is one of the biggest confectionery dates on the calendar and a very busy time for our bunnies. We all know it started as religious festival that has now been taken over by the commercial aspect of chocolate eggs. So begs the question where does this tradition of giving…

New Year, New Products!

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We have some colourful, tasty and fun new promotional confectionery products – all waiting to brighten up your gloomy January!   Pill Sweets – The perfect New year cure!    These promotional pill sweets are a really fun way of engaging people with your brand. Choose from  fruit or mint pill…

Last (NEW) Products Of The Year

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How did it get to November already!!?? Seems like 2017 started only a moment ago. We have one last instalments of New Products before 2018 is here and believe us its a good one! We have been listening and working hard finding the products our customer have been asking us…

Halloween Confectionery

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That spooky time of the year falls next month and to celebrate we have selected some fangtastic treats to sink your vampire teeth into! Make your witches brew from rats and bones, skulls and pumpkins, jelly worms, brains and snails….pails and puppy dog tails! Well, not really puppy dog tails….

The Impact of Confectionery Colours

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This months blog is all about colour! We are exploring the impact of colour in the sweet world and how colourful promotional confectionery can really make a brand stand out…and taste great! When you think of how sweets & general confectionery is packaged and presented the likelihood is bright colours will…

Pride 2017

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  We are thrilled to be celebrating PRIDE month as it gives us a chance to join in the celebrations of this important event and also reflect on what being proud means to us. (Sorry we are late with our post but we have been milking the Skittles Giraffe for…

Serving the taste of Wimbledon

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Ahead of the best grand-slam of the year we are celebrating the flavour of Wimbledon with these scrumptious treats! Ace the competition by offering your client these high-quality British-made treats. But before all that, lets backhand to tell you all about how this quintessential flavour first started being a smash…

New Products 2017

Hi Munchers! We have had an exciting first quarter of 2017 and we have been very busy sourcing new products to add to our growing range. We have now added 30 new products to our promotional confectionery range. Here are a few to get your branding juices flowing!   Promotional…

Halal Confectionery

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Hello Munchers! Next month sees the start of the Islamic annual festival, Ramadan. So, we thought we would dedicate our April post to this special time. Ramadan is an auspicious time observed by Muslims worldwide and is to commemorate the first revelation of the Quran to the prophet Muhammed. Fasting…