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Easter Promotional Confectionery

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Easter is one of the biggest confectionery dates on the calendar and a very busy time for our bunnies.

We all know it started as religious festival that has now been taken over by the commercial aspect of chocolate eggs. So begs the question where does this tradition of giving Easter eggs come from? In an egg shell, the reason why we give eggs decorated in bright colours is that they symbolise new life. This tradition comes from Christianity as Jesus was said to be resurrected and given new life. 

Fast forward 2,000 years….

….Time to hop on over to our Easter hunt…for the best promotional confectionery around this Easter!

Easter Themed Carrot Bags
Filled with fluffy bunny mallows
Full col branding to tag
from 100pcs
Delivery 1-2 weeks


Easter Egg Boxes
Filled with 4 or 6 Milk Choc Eggs 
Choice of foil and box colours
from 100pcs
Delivery 1-2 weeks


Easter Egg Baskets
Luxury box with ribbon
Branded full colour to box
from 200pcs
Delivery 3-4 weeks







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