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Pride 2017

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We are thrilled to be celebrating PRIDE month as it gives us a chance to join in the celebrations of this important event and also reflect on what being proud means to us. (Sorry we are late with our post but we have been milking the Skittles Giraffe for extra rainbow sweetness!)

Gay pride is an annual event marking the historic Stonewall riots  – LGBT community’s uprising of liberalisation against homophobic attitudes and laws that took place in 1969. In the years to follow gay rights organisations were set up across the globe and the revolution of equality for the LGBT community began. 

To celebrate this month of pride and colour we are showcasing a collection of our rainbow coloured confection!
This is our way of showing our PRIDE in what we do and show our support and solidarity with the LGBT community. Happy PRIDE everyone!


Swirl Pops in rainbow colours supplied with a branded label


Jelly Belly Beans supplied in promotional packs 



Skittles supplied in promotional packs


Please contact us for any further information on these products. 

Stay proud. 



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