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The Impact of Confectionery Colours

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This months blog is all about colour! We are exploring the impact of colour in the sweet world and how colourful promotional confectionery can really make a brand stand out…and taste great!

When you think of how sweets & general confectionery is packaged and presented the likelihood is bright colours will be evoked in the imagination  – which is why they appeal so much to the eye and can really make a huge impact visually…and on taste buds!

 Now, lets think about how sweet colours can lend themselves to a brands artwork, logo colour or marketing message. One great well-known example of this is how Skittles use of a rainbow as their main branding message – rainbow coloured sweets = taste the rainbow. Rainbows make everyone feel good and Skittles offer you the chance to taste something that makes you feel good or that you like…so to speak.

Now, lets bring it back to Earth and how we at Munch. Merchandise & Events can help you with showing off like a peacock and really get noticed.

We have many different products that are colourful, eye-catching and most importantly can be produced to compliment your campaign colours.


Sweet Pips NEW!

Our newest product, Sweet Pips in promotional bag. These tangy pips are perfect for a colourful sweet promotions as they can be pantone matched (by eye) and also can be made in any flavour. The minimum order is only 600 bags. Mixed colours/flavours possible. Plain or sherbet. 


Treat Tubes and Candy Cushions

These promotional tubes and promotional sweet cushions are a fun and quirky way to showcase some serious colour. We produce 1, 2 or multi-coloured chocolate beans inside a plastic tubes with a full colour branding area. 
Chocolate Bean Colours: orange, purple, blue, green, white, red black and pink. Or multi-coloured.


Promotional Lollipops & Promotional Sweets

We produce various shapes and sizes promotional lollipops as well as promotional flowpack sweets. All of which can be made to your specific colour and flavor – bespoke flavours can also be achieved. Having a lollipop or promotional sweet colour with a non-matching flavor such as blue banana or green strawberry can have a fun and memorable impact on your next campaign. Or why not make an unusual bespoke flavor to run as a part of a client engagement competition?


Jelly Belly Beans

Well-know brand Jelly Belly beans really are the greatest of the bean world. With over 50 different flavours to chose from in many mouth-watering flavours these promotional jelly beans are sure to be a talking point when used for a promotion.  Chose up to 5 different colours/flavors to compliment a brand identity. Or why not use these juicy beans as a magical and imaginative way to promote your company – magical beans!

We offer many other products that can end a hand to make a colourful impact. Please talk us today to find out what other colourful sweets we have in stock or bespoke options. 

Stay colourful Munchers! 



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